Do You Really Need Leads? Or Do You Need Listings?

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“Listings and Leads” or “Leads and Listings?”

Selling is tough, especially in the competitive market of being a realtor, but the challenge is even greater because repeat clients are far and few in between.

Homes aren’t fashion items or electronics. They’re not intended to be replaced after a year, nor do they become obsolete. Houses are bought by folks who intend to stay. In an ideal world, you won’t be needed by your customers ever again any time soon.

These statistics vary based on where you live. About 14.7% of Westerners relocated in 2010, but it does you no good if you operate in the Northeast, where just 8.3% did the same.

When the demand for your services is constrained, how can you develop your business? By working all aspects of the real estate equation. With vendors, agents worked in the old days, listing their properties for lease and sale. Back then, your job was to get out the word and attract buyers. The more listings you had, the better off you were.

However, in addition, it is common to work with the client today. Success is all about leads. As soon as you’ve found a lead, your job is to convert them to a sale by helping them secure the house they want to rent.

This means you are a matchmaker, linking buyers. You may be an advocate, helping them to browse the listings of somebody else. The arrangement is the same: their expertise is used by brokers. Rather than selling a property, you are selling your experience.

Which brings more value, leads or listings? That is dependent upon your location. But no matter the figures, it is imperative to keep a close watch on a changing industry and a market; the path to achievement for an agent is to be willing and adaptable to work with buyers and vendors. Concentrate on one, and you will end up struggling to keep your company afloat.