The Importance of Taking Care Of Your Deck


Some people choose to paint their deck with opaque paint, but most take advantage of the natural beauty of the expensive deck wood and use a clear stain to finish their deck. If you want your wood to look its best, choose a semi-transparent finish, as it adds a bit of colour and protects your deck from UV damage. In addition, you should use cover stains that are designed for composite wood. Your deck also needs an annual exfoliation, as protective sealants can penetrate the wood. Keeping the surface of the deck clean is ideal as you often must reapply wood stains as they can catch stains.

Pressure washers can save time but can cause slight damage to your deck. Do not use them if they damage the deck or if the warranty expires. Debris clogging the space between deck and boards can be blown up with powerful nozzles, garden hoses and high-pressure washers. Regular cleaning of the deck extends the service life, treats, and removes the elements that begin to decompose the wooden surface.

Everyone should be maintaining their decks throughout all the seasons, winter, spring, summer, and autumn. By repairing your deck regularly, you will keep it in good condition for many years to come. Since the decks are exposed all year round to the elements, it is a good idea to set up a maintenance routine to protect your deck and prevent costly repairs. Applying a decking oil to your maintenance routine is beneficial as it can bring your deck back to life. It provides a finish to your outdoor area whilst maintaining low odour and helps with water wash-up.  Regular cleaning and maintenance of your deck will ensure that property values does not fall and also maintain a brand new looking deck. 

A good deck cleaner removes most dirt, mould, and old stains from your deck. Washing and cleaning your deck also removes old dirt and stains that get caught in stain sealants if you don’t clean your deck regularly. Wood needs to be cleaned and stained, be it a brand-new deck or an old deck that is weathered and needs to be stained anew.

Moisture from the winter elements can cause your wooden deck to rot and mould and mould to form. The required maintenance needs to occur to prepare the deck in time for the summertime. External paint and covering stains can prevent moisture from penetrating the wood. When water-soaked wood begins to grow, mould or mildew can spread and become soft, which means you need to replace boards or repair the deck.

Composite decks are known to require less maintenance over wood decks but to be fair there is no self-cleaning deck as no deck lasts forever. The good news is that if you focus on maintaining your timber deck year-round, you can help maintain its lifespan and make it look good in the weather. The type of wood from which your deck is built affects the way you care for it and the required maintenance it needs. 

Some tips for maintaining your deck include how stains do not cover the wood in the same way as paint, but cover stains can act as a barrier against moisture in the wood. Power washing of the wood acts as a natural scrub and helps a protective seal to penetrate the wood and protect your deck. Start by sweeping leaves and other debris from your deck and patio. Clean your deck regularly to avoid stains on the surface of your deck. Start by removing debris from deck boards and patio stones with a spatula knife.